At Boho Vibes, we’re convinced that men are just as deserving of having the perfect accessory to set off their outfit as women are.

It’s true that, until relatively recently, the guys would only adorn wrists and hands, with perhaps a wedding band or nice watch – and a pair of cufflinks if they were pushing the boat out. (Even though, interestingly, in earlier history, even going back to Ancient Egyptian times, it was the men who wore jewellery the most, since doing so served as an indication of status and wealth. If you look at portraits of figures such as Henry VIII and Sir Walter Raleigh, they’re often dripping in bling!)

Now the boys are making up for lost time, from everyday wear to mid-range and bold, top-end statement pieces. And they’re increasingly interested in higher-quality decoration other than bog-standard watches, while industry insiders expect the male market to continue to expand.

Male style icons such as Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet, plus recent fashion shows in Milan and Paris have led the way in showcasing this trend.

What’s more, the selection of items available has expanded considerably since the days of The A- Team’s Mr T and his multiple chains.

So, this Christmas, with more of us hopefully feeling more celebratory as we emerge from the pandemic, why not consider a unique jewellery gift for the man or men in your life?

Choose wisely and you will show how you have thought hard about the recipient and how much they mean to you at this special time of year. Equally, the best pieces will last for years, while male jewellery could be a particularly good idea if the festive season coincides with a landmark birthday or anniversary.

Choosing men’s jewellery

Consider their personality

Everyone has their personal tastes, and this will have an impact on what you buy. After all, clothes and accessories are extensions of our personalities. Does the guy in question already wear jewellery? If so, you will clearly already have some indication of what he likes, whether that’s subtle or something more vibrant.

If not, you could try asking him a few sly questions about what he might like. Alternatively, if neither you nor he is in to Christmas morning surprises, just ask him directly.

Go with your gut

It can be very easy to over-think these purchases, so just go with something that instinctively attracts you. And if you want something he’s likely to keep on wearing, go for a ring, necklace or bracelet that won’t overpower an everyday look but will also add a stylish touch to weekend wear, without attracting too much attention.

Keep it simple

Bear this in mind especially if your man is a ‘beginner’ in the world of jewellery. Start with some classic pieces. Once he starts wearing jewellery more, you can think in terms of layering pieces or mixing and matching to create dimension and express personal style more strongly. So if it’s one of his first or few pieces of jewellery, it’s no bad thing to kick off with something understated.

Choose colour with care

Outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time. Gold is warm and goes well with browns and similar earthy shades. Silver and silver-tone metals won’t clash too heavily with anything, but don’t give you the eye-catching contrasts of gold. These shades also go well with dark grey or black for a sleek look.If you’re going with stones, stick to a single colour. With a colour like turquoise, it looks great with jeans and coloured shirt in a ring or something, but it is a vibrant hue, and eye-catching, so less can often be more.

Christmas at Boho Vibes

This festive season, we have a great line-up of jewellery for him, crafted from natural stone, wood leather and glass.

Check out our range of everything from surfer-style necklaces to agate bracelets and more, and find the perfect Christmas gift. Just ask us if you have any questions.