A look at the different types of natural stone jewellery

Jewellery designers have used natural stones, i.e. those formed with no human intervention, for thousands of years. And they’re as appealing and elegant today as they were generations ago. After all, the beauty is effortless, and natural stones come in a wide line-up of colours and styles, so there’s something for all tastes and occasions, to accompany everything from dressy to more casual outfits. Shades range from pale neutrals through to deep, rich browns, earthy greens and many more.

Equally, by the way, the term ‘natural stone’ also typically describes stones which have not been dyed or heated-treated to change their composition or colour.

At Boho Vibes, we have always loved incorporating different types of natural stone in all kinds of jewellery, alongside other materials including glass, wood, crystal and sterling silver. Here, we take a look at some of the stones we use: 

Rose quartz

This dusky pink stone is a quartz crystal which has absorbed minerals including manganese and titanium. It has been recovered from ancient Roman and Egyptian tombs. It goes especially well with rose gold, and it’s affordable, abundant and known for its lustre and delicate colouring. It’s rarely fully transparent and, in nature, occurs in large formations.


This jewellery is incredibly versatile, and is said to have lined the shields of mythical Amazonian warrior princesses! It’s also adorned the temples and tombs of Tutankhamun. A type of potassium feldspar, it’s typically a greenish blue but also comes in shades of grey and purple.

Pretty and playful, subtle and simple, it never fails to look amazing, from the silvery green flash of a ring to the swirl of a beautiful bracelet incorporating this stone. At the same time, it’s affordable and durable as well as highly attractive.


Made of quartz and a cousin to other quartz gemstones, amethyst was once considered so rare and valuable its use was restricted to royalty! Today, it’s hugely popular, and affordable, so you certainly don’t have to be royal to wear it! It comes in shades of purple, although there’s also a ‘green’ variety.

It’s versatile to suit any outfit, and will look chic whether you prefer a classically minimalist look or are dressing up the max with a bold stand-out look. Amethyst is especially great if your piece also incorporates a paler colour such as yellow gold, to contrast with the vibrant shade of the stone.


This striking, natural sky-blue gemstone is semi-precious and hugely popular – and it’s easy to see why. It’s the only stone named after a colour, although the name actually comes from the French for Turkish, because it was first brought to Europe from Turkey. In fact, the range of available blue and is more varied than you may have realised, and the mid-range blues tend to be the most valuable.Turquoise gives the wearer a chic, classy look and it goes well with numerous other colours, especially neutrals like brown, black, white, grey etc. For a striking contrast, team it up with a warm hue.


This elegant, stylish stone has been used by top-name designers from Yves Saint Laurent to Chanel. It’s a beautiful form of quartz, comprising minute, fine crystals, and some agate is classed as semi-precious. But all agate is timeless, a classic that never goes out of style. It’s also extremely versatile.

Its style will definitely add an eye-catching quality to whatever look you’re going for, day or evening, and whether you opt for a pair of delicate earrings, a minimalist necklace or a vibrant pop of colour with a cuff bracelet

It’s also ideal for vintage-style pieces.


A unique stone that’s been highly valued since ancient times, and there are two separate jade gemstones: jadeite and nephrite. The former is more expensive, and comes in many gorgeous colours. For its part, nephrite is tougher and green, white, yellow or occasionally red.

Choose jade jewellery for a dressed-up look, an unconventional engagement ring, or something more subtle, from understated stud earrings to tasteful rings and pendants.


This is stone is an opaque chalcedony whose patterned varieties are often used in jewellery. Its composition is similar to agate’s. Multi-coloured, durable, striking and affordable, jasper’s unique quality means no two pieces will be identical.

Go for chic and classic or a thoroughly bohemian feel with this gemstone, regularly used either as beads for bracelets and necklaces, or as a centrepiece for rings and earrings.

Natural stones from Boho Vibes EarthOur jewellery collections include all the stones mentioned above, as well as sterling silver and other natural, ethically sourced materials.

Whatever you’re after, we can help. Check out our great selections online today, and let us know if you want any advice on choosing or caring your gemstones from our range.