Spring is finally on its way, and, as we put the colder months behind us, that can only mean one thing - Mother’s Day is not far behind. Traditionally, Mother’s Day represented a chance to return to your ‘mother church’. Today, the focus is firmly on showing mum how much she means to you, typically in the form of a gift.

For many, that may mean grabbing some flowers or chocolates on the day itself, just before they visit. But while these will no doubt be gratefully received and most mums are delighted with whatever their offspring give them, blooms and chocs are hardly long-lasting gifts. Even the traditional lunch or afternoon tea out will be over within a couple of hours, and then forgotten.

Of course, we shouldn’t just think about mum on her special day, but the occasion does provide the perfect chance to spoil her with something gorgeous.

Jewellery is far more personal than some of the options mentioned above, comes much more from the heart, and is the perfect way of thanking your mum for all the things she has done for you, and for always being there for you. You’ll be giving her something unique that she’ll cherish for years to come, and which will make her smile and think of you every time she wears it.What’s more, you don’t have to fork out huge sums on a diamond ring or gold necklace to give a wonderful Mother’s Day jewellery present – although obviously if budget is a consideration you can always consider joining forces with a sibling.

Tips to bear in mind

When buying a jewellery gift for Mother’s Day, think about the following:

  • Take a closer look at the jewellery your mother tends to favour – what is her preferred style and what does she wear most often?
  • It may sound obvious, but choose something that has real meaning to her as an individual
  • Are you buying for daily wear or for something she’ll want to bring out just for special occasions? For formal wear, you may want to think big designs and larger stones. If you’re buying something more informal, a less flashy and sparkling item usually works well.
  • Choose colours – how about going for something bolder and rather more experimental than usual?

Mother’s Day jewellery from Boho Vibes Earth

At Boho Vibes Earth, we specialise in Bohemian-style jewellery in a range of natural materials including sterling silver, natural stone or shell, from gorgeous necklaces to bracelets and earrings, alongside accessories such as beautiful scarves

Alternatively, if you think your mum would appreciate something a little different, a gift which seriously ramps up the Bohemian factor, how about an anklet or toe ring?

Browse our collections today and find the perfect gift for your mum to celebrate her day. We also offer free personalised message cards which could really help if you’re mailing a present rather than giving it in person.

Take a closer look at the gifts on our website to learn more – and do be in touch if you have any questions.